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P.O. Box 1107 - Perryton, Texas  79070

1.806.435.5308  -  Fax 1.806.435-4398



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Western Hot Oil Service has the largest fleet of Hot Oil Units in the Anadarko Basin. All of our trucks operate out of Perryton.

Western Hot Oil Services, Inc.

Western Hot Oil Service's #1 priority is safety 1st.

The management of Western Hot Oil Service, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment for its employees and clientele. The safe operation of our equipment shall at no time be compromised. All Western Hot Oil Service employees are thoroughly trained and directed in safe operating procedures for all of our equipment. All equipment is continually maintained in order to operate safely on an ongoing basis. Western Hot Oil Service continually updates and trains all employees where safety and productivity is concerned.

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