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Oilfield Production Chemical

Acid Stimulation

Iron Control, Sludge/Surfactant, Non-Emulsifier Agents, Water-Wetting Chemistry are all considered when building a treatment for your well.  We suggest starting all jobs by spearheading with a 5 Alcohol Mutual Solvent to clean all surfaces for the HCl Acid/Surfactant or Acidic Acid to do its job well!  We always suggest completing the job with a Combination Corrosion/Scale Inhibitor to coat all surfaces for additional protection to your equipment.  We handle all jobs with our High-Pressure Trucks.  We have the right size setup depending on the size of job needed.

Oil & Gas Production
Flow – Scale Inhibitors, Paraffin & Asphaltene Inhibitors, Dispersants and Solvents, Hydrating Inhibitors/Water Wet, Tank Bottom and Wellbore Cleanup, Surfactants, Registered Biocides & Foamers

Separation – Emulsion Breakers, Defoamers, & Water Clarifiers

Operation Maintenance – H2S Scavengers, Chemical Pumps (Solar, Beam, 120v, Gas), 130-500 gallon Tanks, Containments, Site Glass Assemblies.

Elevated Production

Extend time of leaving your well pumping by setting up a scheduled treating program.  Our 80 Bbl High-Pressure Treating Truck with a certain package of chemicals will help achieve a longer run time.  We collect samples if the well is producing or when you have a string of rods/tubing on location.  We complete lab work and formulate a plan of action to treat.  Our customers are given a cost breakdown of each treatment.  After treatment starts and 4 treatments have been completed, we run residual test to make sure our treatments are doing the well bore justice.  At this time if we are over treating, we will adjust to save our customers money while continuing to protect their investment.  If we are under treating, we will fine tune and adjust.  Just ask us for some testimonies we will happily share success stories.

Water Injection / SWD

Let us increase efficiency of your SWD by supplying chemistry to help treat the water before injecting down hole.  This not only protects your wellbore but reduces pressure while pumping.  If your SWD is on a vacuum, we recommend HCL Acid/Surfactant.  We also have Scale Inhibitors and Corrosion Inhibitors for additional protection.

Frac Chemical

Please reconsider using bagged biocide and the “ease or use” claim.  We have noticed many times after a frac is completed, all or some of the bag is laying in the bottom of the frac tank or pit, untouched.  We highly recommend using our Registered Liquid Biocide.  The dispersibility of liquid far exceeds solids made to “Dissolve”.